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Dropping frames when using ML intervalometer

Posted: 23 Sep 2017, 07:31
by Darren
Qsdlrdashboard works great - samsung s4 6D
However, wifi drops out / phone switches off - sometimes. So using Qdslrdashboard for camera control and magic lantern for intervalometer seemed to be a solution. If wifi drops out i can reconnect, intervalometer still runs - great.
Then i found i was dropping frames every 100 shots or so. I put this down to too short an interval (2.5ish interval on full raw) Upping the interval to dark time to 3s works ok with ML, however, when using ML in comjunction with Qdslrdashboard i am still dropping frames??? Last night - interval 5s shutter speed 2s - after 100 shots a 30 second gap.

Any on else have this? Could this be when i reconnect the wifi after dropping out - it's all a bit random, just using ml is consistent

Help much appreciated