BULB mode on Sony A7

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BULB mode on Sony A7

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Hello all,

I am having troubles using the BULB mode on my Sony A7. The FW version is 3.20, which I think it the latest one.
I have downloaded the PlayMemories Mobile app for remote command, version 6.1.0. and of course qDslrDashboard.
In both cases I can connect my phone to the camera properly and take shots with shutter time between 1/8000 and 30 seconds, but the option for BULB is simply not there, while it is when I am not using the app. Not with the Sony app, not with qDSLR.
I can take BULB shots when not using the remote, by keeping the button pressed for whatever time I want.
Any idea of what I could be doing wrong? Is there a FW limitation by Sony?

Thank you so much for your help,

Best regards,


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