Connecting Nikon D5600

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Connecting Nikon D5600

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I am trying to connect my Nikon D5600 to qDslrDashboard that I have downloaded on my Samsung SM-T210. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work. When everything is connected, nothing happens at all. I have bought an OTG micro USB cable from a Norwegian store (which is plugged into the Samsung tablet), and connected it with another micro USB cable that I found in my drawer (other end is plugged into the Nikon D5600). Do you guys know what I might have done wrong?

I bought my OTG cable here: ... 2-m-p92967

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Re: Connecting Nikon D5600

Post by hubaiz »

Please check that the Samsung SM-T210 has the USB host function. You can use this free application: ... iagnostics

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