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USB Connection to Android

Posted: 18 Apr 2019, 18:13
by TheDroneGuy

I had been successfully using QDSLR Dashboard for a short time since download. I was using it connected from my Canon T6i to my Samsung S8 phone and a Lenovo 8" TAB via USB. Also, the Canon app works Wi-Fi without fault.

I am changing out the camera to a Canon RP mirrorless but leaving everything else alone. I can still connect Wi-Fi to the Canon app, but no longer does the phone or tablet recognize the new camera on USB. It also has no connection to Wi-Fi with the qDSLR Dashboard app. I have tried Wi-Fi and USB especially since the User Manual suggested the USB connection. Everything on the setup, Wi-Fi or USB, seems to set up without errors. They just can't see each other, phone/tablet to camera. Regardless of the app, I would think with all the options I should be able to connect one way or the other.

Any suggestions to try? Better yet, has anyone with a Canon R or RP had this experience?