Raspberry Pi Zero W image and installation tutorial

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Raspberry Pi Zero W image and installation tutorial

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Over a year ago I've made a qDslrDashboard WiFi adapter for my Nikon D90 based on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I had to compile and install DDServer, then configure WiFi access point, scripts to start the service on boot and all the related stuff.

I was a little bit surprised that I couldn't find a ready-made SD card image. Maybe there is one but I just couldn't find it.
Anyway, I've decided to prepare one myself and here it is, together with information on what parts to buy and how to install everything, full guide:

I hope it's useful to someone. I've tried to make it as easy as I can for non-technical users (and also for people who have not heard of qDsqlDashboard yet).

Please let me know if you see anything I can improve (any typos, ambiguous sentences etc.).
The guide isn't as polished as I would like it to be, but it's been sitting my disk for over a month now and I've decided that it's better to publish it as is instead of never publishing the perfect version.

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Re: Raspberry Pi Zero W image and installation tutorial

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Hi cinusek, thanks for your effort. I used your tutorial to build the project with a Raspberry PI 3 that I had lying around doing nothing. I had it up and running in under 15 mins. Great job thanks again.

I wonder if there is any way to power the Pi from the camera through the USB cable, or from the camera internal battery or the external battery grip?

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