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Basic A7III Use - Live View and AV button?

Posted: 22 Aug 2019, 03:49
by Speez
So trying to get off the ground with this (first time) with my newish a7iii. I am able to connect and I have gotten the camera to trigger a time or two, but have noticed some behavior I am not sure about. When I connect to the camera, on the main screen I see that Live View is highlighted on the button on the left. A few buttons down is a button marked "av" which I cannot find doc's on (or I missed it) but if pressed, kills the live view and I cannot get it back without disconnecting and reconnecting.

Also a question, unrelated to the above, that I may be missing in the work flow (haven't really gotten past a few connections and browsing menus and trying to get basics down). Are users of the auto holy Grail using an external intervalometer to trigger the shots, and then the LRT module to adjust exposure? Or is qDSLRdashboard ALSO running the shutter trigger and no independent device is needed.

I'm sure this is all somewhere, unfortunately my browsing so far has not lead me to a clear cut answer of how to proceed. Any A7iii (or just a7 series specifically) tutorials on getting this all running would be super helpful. I had a nex6 before and I have found that both cameras wireless connectivity interface and reliability is unfortunately kind of garbage. Of all the ways Sony could implement it, what they chose barely looks like a proof of concept, so really wanting to get QDDB up and running.

Thanks in advance