My Setup for Birdwatching

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My Setup for Birdwatching

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Hello all.

Just a few brief notes from me which may or may not be of any use. What I wanted to achieve was streaming my DSLR to YouTube, whilst controlling it and watching it in my office. What want to watch is the bird feeder in my garden and take a photo when there's a nice bird there.

So I have:
Built a waterproof box in the tree that my DSLR sits in.
The DSLR is tethered to my laptop, which because of the USB cable length also has sit in the garden at present.
The laptop is running qDslr and OBS studio
OBS uses the screen as a source.
I set qDslr at full screen, all displays off
I use Google Remote to connect to the laptop from my PC in the office

Well it all works, but it is very cumbersome. The WiFi on the camera is poor, otherwise I would connect straight to my desktop. It is so poor in fact that I am tethering rather than using WiFi to the laptop.

The 3m cable from laptop to camera is a pain, but I don't think it's possible to go much longer.

I started a thread about extending WiFi range, and read about DD server. I will have a play with that at sometime.

I wish the DSLR came up as a proper camera rather than having to use a screen capture. Annoyingly my cheap Android phone can run IP Webcam straight to my desktop just fine, then I can the stream to YouTube. Easy. But... I want to use my D500 for image quality.

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