USB connection to Nikon D610

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USB connection to Nikon D610

Post by dave »

Hi All

I am about to give up on this app!
I am trying to connect to a Nikon D610 by USB from an Android phone. I have an OTG adaptor cable and I have changed the phone's USB behaviour to Picture Transfer Protocol (I also tried Media Transfer Protocol) but the app fails to find a USB device. I have spent hours on this today (I also was trying to connect TPlink 3020, which I am now returning, it is V3 and that is just ridiculous!

Can anyone help to get this app to connect to the Nikon D610?


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Re: USB connection to Nikon D610

Post by GonzoG »

I have no problems with connecting D610 to my phone and tablet. USB mode (MTP/PTP) on phone does not matter, those are for connecting phone to PC.

Are you sure that you have working OTG adapter ??
Also check it switching "Use Android native USB access" changes anything.

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