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Preview image display quality

Posted: 31 Aug 2021, 14:33
by Sudhirdamerla
I use the control my camera pp on my iPad. When I shoot the preview displayed is very soft and lacks contrast. This makes it difficult too adjust/style objects in the frame when I am shooting interiors. I need to use a remote app to fire multiple flashes in the frame (light/flash painting) to be blended later in photoshop. However when I go into the controlmycamera folder in the "photos" every thing is bright crisp and sharp. Is there anyway I can get the same quality in the app?

Question two: is there anyway I can tether both the MacBook and iPad at the same time to the router? I would like the high screen to style the image , but use the iPad as I go around "flashing" the scene/room.
Many thanks,
Cheers from India,