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Posted: 06 Sep 2021, 22:17
by mike747
Hi, I got myself a camera (R5), some lenses, an external intervalometer, the LRTimelapse book, the LRTimelapse software, the Flightest app and then finally I wanted to get ControlMyCamera to happily start holy-grayling away, BUT: „This beta is not accepting any testers at this moment“ is all what I got. I am devastated. Any help? Or do I have to offload my gear on ebay? Thanks michael

Re: app

Posted: 07 Oct 2021, 11:44
by rameshtahlan
It is really sad that Apple has taken qdslrdashboard off the AppStore, dont know what is the problem,
Earlier I had it on my iPad, some 10 years ago, and on my Android phone,
then I bought an iPhone, and was surprised that the app is no longer available.

I wanted the app on two iPads, for two cameras, but now looks like though I have my 10 year old iPad with qdslr still functioning, I will have to now buy Samsung note or pad or what ever, for the second camera,

Every month I check App Store if qdslr is back. no luck.

No I have the R5 and so wanted a separate setup for it.

Re: app

Posted: 22 Jan 2022, 15:04
by samrich