QDSLRDashboard with Sony a7r4

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QDSLRDashboard with Sony a7r4

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Hello, I did a ton of research and still can't get the LRTimelapse option in QDSLRDashboard to work. It keeps telling me that the camera has to be in "M" mode and to use RAW/JPEG or JPEG which I have the camera set to.

Below is what I'm using....

Sony a7r4 tried both firmware 1.1 and 1.2
Samsung ZFold3 and I also tried with my Fire HD 8 Plus tablet. the same issue on either device.

I'm connecting via USB (btw... the connection works perfectly, everything is functional except for the LRTimelapse feature.

I posted on LRTimelapse and Gunther said I need to check with this group to see if the a7r4 is fully supported.

Can someone PLEASE provide the setting on the camera to help me get this to work?


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