Using camera buttons with live view on

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Using camera buttons with live view on

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TLDR: Can I use live view on the app and control a Nikon DSLR with the camera buttons/dials at the same time?

I recently downloaded this app to connect my phone with my Nikon d7500, mainly to get focus peaking for a manual focus telephoto lens I have. I chose this app because I read that, for Nikons, there was an option to switch to "camera mode" and use the buttons on the camera instead of the ones on the screen, which the free trial of a different app didn't allow me to do. Now that I have the app and a cable to connect them, it turns out that camera mode is not available while live view is enabled. I really would like to be able to control my camera as I'm used to and simply use the phone screen as a place to use live view with focus peaking. Is there a way to do both at the same time?
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Re: Using camera buttons with live view on

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While live view is active the host mode is enabled by camera and it can't be deactivated.
On Z models it can be deactivated but on DSLR not, it is a camera limitation.
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