Thanks for the great advice

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Thanks for the great advice

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Read your 2018.12.06 "News" article "qDslrDashboard V3.5.7 and ControlMyCamera V1.0.0" about how to update qDSLRDashboard by first deleting it.

I had a very good working version on my iOS device (iPhone X) and proceeded to delete it and now cannot install the update v3.5.7. My purchase of qDSLRDashboard is not available or listed, so thank you for totally destroying my ability to use it with any camera. The only thing I can do is pay another $9.99 for V1.0.0.

So, do you now reimburse me for the money I just lost or give me a voucher to download for free ControlMyCamera?

Thanks alot!

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Re: Thanks for the great advice

Post by hubaiz »

Please follow the instructions in this post to install qDslrDashboard:
The latest version is V3.5.8

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