Nikon D7500 "Tether"

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Nikon D7500 "Tether"

Post by djtommye » 03 Dec 2017, 06:18

Our Nikon D7000 started having issues so we bought a D7500, and was told that it would work with our photo booth like the D7000. Well, it doesn't. We would use the D7000 tethered via USB and, when we took a photo, the image would be transferred to the Photo Booth software (Darkroom Core). The D7500 doesn't seem to support this. It does have WiFi, but it looks like that only works with a smartphone / tablet.

So - I'm looking to see if there is some solution that would enable us to do USB transfers for each photo taken, or via Wifi (less desirable assuming it's slower).

Does anyone have some suggestions on how to make this happen? Otherwise, we'll have to sell off the D7500 and buy another model that is truly compatible. :o

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