Add Password to WRT/ DDServerAP WIFI

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Add Password to WRT/ DDServerAP WIFI

Post by Johnedlt » 08 Jun 2018, 05:45

Can you help me configure this on the WRT control panel? Worried folks may connect to my TP-Link WIFI while I'm shooting since its unsecured.

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Re: Add Password to WRT/ DDServerAP WIFI

Post by hubaiz » 11 Jun 2018, 11:07

You should follow the steps from this post to open the OpenWrt web administration page: ... f=5&t=2101

After you opened the web administration page:
- navigate to 'Network->wifi'
- in the wireless list press the 'Edit' button (if you flashed the OpenWrt from the dslrdashboard site then you should have a 'DDServerAP' wireless)
- in the 'Interface configuration' select the 'Wireless Security' tab
- for 'Encryption' select 'WPA2-PSK'
- leave 'Cipher' to 'auto'
- in the 'Key' filed enter your wireless password
- finally press the 'Save & apply' button

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