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@hubaiz: pull focus

Post by Soundbytes » 13 Jun 2018, 21:45

The quick focus buttons (Buttons A and B in live view) a great for pulling the focus.
I just bought me a small camera crane and I am looking forward to using this function a lot when I do not have my hands on the camera to pull the focus manually.
I do think though the pull focus could be improved a lot and hopefully without great modification to the code.
Currently the focus pull a really a bit bumpy. This is because the step intervalls are quite big and at the same time the pause between the steps is rather long. Would it be possible to have smaller steps combined with shorter intervals? this would result in a much smoother and much more professional looking refocusing. At the current stage the refocusing works fine with reagards to hitting the correct preprogrammed focus points. the transition however can look quite irritating because it is so bumpy.

If you are prepared to change or modify the user interface I could imagine some further and huge improvements:
- a greater number of quick focus buttons would allow the shooting of more complex scenes.
- let the user insert the transition time for the change to the next focus point (individual times for each transition would be ideal)
The software would then calculate the step size and step time to make it happen.

BTW: the documentation says quick focus buttons work only with Nikon cameras. I found that it works fine with the Canon EOS 600D.

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