Multi-Cam Set-up Guidance

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Multi-Cam Set-up Guidance

Post by thetjrsasea » 11 Jul 2018, 16:10


Would first like to thank the creator of DSLRDashbord for his contributions to the photography community.

Currently, I have 2 x MR3040s and 1 x MR11U (which, with the help of Hubaiz managed to get it running). I am thinking of setting up a 2 camera setup in this layout, 2 x MR3040s connected to 2 different DSLRs and the 1 x MR11U acting as a hub which the 2 x MR3040s connect to. All 3 portable routers should have their own unique IP address for DSLRDashboard to connect to. That way, my computer would just have to connect to the MR11U wireless access point for it to gain access to all the 3 routers web GUI, which mean that by just connecting to the MR11U on my computer, I would be able to use DSLRDashboard to control the 2 DSLRs.

Is this the most efficient option? I've tried the routed client instructions Hubaiz uploaded but it doesn't work for me. Moreover, the 2 x MR3040s needed to be able to work independently without any additional changes in settings when needed (eg, when only a single camera setup is needed). The MR11U sole role is to just act as a hub (when 2 cameras are in use) and not be connected to any additional cameras.

Hope to hear your suggestions!

Best regards!

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