Sony A7R2 problems with qdslr dashboard

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Sony A7R2 problems with qdslr dashboard

Post by superflow »

Sony A7R2 problem with qdslr dashboard

Anybody here working with qdslrdashboard and Sony A7R2?

I started to test Sony A7R2 with qdslr dashboard and have some problems.
I own 2 a7r2, and i installed qdslrdashboard on my macbook (older qdslrd version) and on an android tablet (new qdslr version) for wifi tethering.
In general, the connection always works.
But there are problems probably in camera settings, and i don´t now where.

1.) with camera 1, i can´t zoom into the liveview on the camera display. With camera 2, i still can. And i need this.

2.) -with camera 2, i can´t change fstop and speed in the app. And with camera 1, i can

3.) -i always do raw and jpg at the same time. Raw transferring wifi is not possible. With one camera, i can choose jpg in orginal size in the app, and with the other camera, i can´t switch to original size jpg (only 1610 x 1080)

4.) -custom bracketing is important for me. With all camera-device combinations,
In gerneral, custom bracketing works,
But: in my settings with 2 faster under and 2 stops slower bracketing (with one or 2 ev), i have i i choose speed time 1/3 second, the normal 1/13 - 1/6 - 1/3 - 1 - 2
All right.
Than i switch from 1/3 second to 0,4 seconds, and i get totally strange times:
1/8000 1/8000 0,4 0,8 0,8
I have this problem with settings longer than 1/3 second

5.) -Last problem. I can´t set the filenames to stay as they are.

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Re: Sony A7R2 problems with qdslr dashboard

Post by Marc_Muc »

Hi Superflow,
I have the same problems with my A7RII as under 2.) mentioned.
Work with an iPad pro 2016
No change of f-stops and shutter speed and iso is possible.
Tried several settings in the app and the camera. Found no solution !
Somebody found the magic key for that problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Sony A7R2 problems with qdslr dashboard

Post by Darren »

Same here with my a7rii - no ramping, no adjustments when using holy grail. Works on 6d. Am i missing something.

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Re: Sony A7R2 problems with qdslr dashboard

Post by photographywithdanny »

@darren i had the same problem, the short version you have to update the remote control app. I post a step by step guide in a other thread. If you need some help write me :)!

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