Qdslr Dashboard crashes on Android 9!

qDslrDashbord error reports
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Qdslr Dashboard crashes on Android 9!

Post by JSt » 08 Aug 2019, 12:49

Hello, :D

Dahsboard crashes on my phone with usb connection.
Former i used an old android device with usb otg cable because wlan isnt really working stable so, (thread exists but no answer).
I tried again and again with old phone(dashboard versions 3.5.5 and up) but , bought new usb type C otg cable for my other android phone (Android Version 9) !

-> start camera
-> plugin Usb
-> start dashboard
-> connect camera
-> camera connects
-> (sometimes) take photo
-> connection loss

Every time.

Native Android USB access is activatet. Cache is empty.
Qdslr Dashboard Version 3.5.9

This realy big bugs make qdslr dashboard quiet unusable because it doesnt work stable on wlan, my old phone with micro usb otg, and on my new phone with type c usb otg its catastrophic.

Working with a canon 750d.
It also overruns my external intervallometer (thread exists..) but this is not necessary when the app is not working stable. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Is anyone able to fix this bug? What can i do?

Sincerley :)

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Re: Qdslr Dashboard crashes on Android 9!

Post by paolo.morgano » 20 Aug 2019, 12:33

Same here, Nikon D700, Nikon USB cable, trusted OTG cable, Nokia 8 with Android 9.

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Re: Qdslr Dashboard crashes on Android 9!

Post by hubaiz » 21 Aug 2019, 06:37

In qDslrDashboard settings disable the 'Use Android native USB access' option before you connect the camera.

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