Connecting D810+ TL-MR3040 V.! + Mac osx computer

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Connecting D810+ TL-MR3040 V.! + Mac osx computer

Post by Mackie » 01 Nov 2019, 18:10

Ok, I'm not a computer thicko but clearly something isn't right what I'm doing? Ive upgraded the firmware, connect my tp link mr3040 V.1. to my d810 nikon, I select the TP Link on my wifi, I open DSLR dashboard, and nothing. Dashboard doesn't change shape or into live view or nothing. What the hell? Someone help me out, or should I just save up ridiculous money and just buy the bloody cam ranger?

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Re: Connecting D810+ TL-MR3040 V.! + Mac osx computer

Post by hubaiz » 02 Nov 2019, 18:42

Follow these steps:
- turn on the MR3040 and wait till the wireless LED is on
- connect your controlling device wireless to the MR3040 wireless
- connect your camera with USB cable to the MR3040 full size USB port and turn it on
- start qDslrDashboard and press the 'Network' button (second button from left)

If your computer is also connected to your local network with wired networking be check that it is not using the same address space (MR3040 uses by default)

Also check this thread: ... f=5&t=2101

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