Traveling light with dslr

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Traveling light with dslr

Post by SheldonMenez » 04 Dec 2019, 09:12

So this winter I traveling to the Caribbean to spend 3 weeks on a sailboat. We were told to only bring 1 bag. I can fit plenty of clothes in one bag no problem but I really want to bring my dslr and drone. Luckily my drone is a mavic air so it takes up very little room. However I usually bring a separate bag for my camera , gopro, drone. Does anyone have any tips or tricks i could use? Is there a bag that is compact enough to fit a dslr but also can help add a little protection? Preferably something that can be used to for a daily carry also while we do some hiking to see waterfalls ( water repellent is a bonus) and etc. Normally I would just bite the bullet and pay for an extra carry on but this trip was paid for and the sailboat has limited room.

Another thought eas to buy the thule aspect bag, compact it down into my suitcase and have it for hiking and day trips, anyone know if it can be smooshed into a suitcase easily?

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