D7500 WiFi Connection Process

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D7500 WiFi Connection Process

Post by CSharpDude »

I just got this app and love it. I did not know there is a firmware update (1.10) for the D7500 that removes the need to open Snapbridge to connect over WiFi. After installing the firmware update, use the menu item "Establish Wi-Fi Connection" in the Setup --> WiFi section. Connect your phone or tablet to the WiFi network displayed on the camera using the displayed password. Now you can connect DSLRdashboard using the Nikon WiFi button. Easy!

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Re: D7500 WiFi Connection Process

Post by bgoffe »

I too have a D7500 with the 1.10 firmware update and I've been unable to connect from my Pixel 3 phone. Here's what I did:
1. On my Pixel, I turned off the connection to my home WiFi
2. On my D7500, I selected "Establish Wi-Fi connection".
3. On my phone I selected "D7500_*****" when offered sites to connect to.
4. I got "connecting" then "Obtaining IP address" then "No internet."

I did check the password set by my D7500 several times and it seems correct. Also, when I try the wrong password I get the suggestion to retry my password. Any ideas?

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Re: D7500 WiFi Connection Process

Post by hubaiz »

- enable wireless on your D7500
- connect your Pixel wireless to the D7500
- start qDslrDashboard and press the 'Nikon wireless' button

* be sure that no other device is connecting to the D7500 wireless
* be sure that the Nikon WMU or Smartbridge applicaitons are not running on your Pixel
* be sure that your Pixel does not change automatically the wireless AP if there is no internet on current one
* eventually disable your mobile data

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