Day to Night to Day Holy Grail

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Day to Night to Day Holy Grail

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I'm trying to record a Day to Night and back to Day Holy Grail sequence. I'm using an iPad connected to MR3020 controlling a Canon 7DMk2 DSLR with LRTimelapse Pro 2.5 Intervalometer. I have successfully recorded the day-night elements but about 01:00am when I try and switch the sequence from Auto Holy Grail Sunset to Sunrise all seems fine but in the morning no ramping for sunrise has occurred and the camera is still shooting at 25 secs ISO 3200 F4.5. In order to make the change I pause the intervalometer, choose new sequence and choose sunrise and auto holy grail. I can see when I make the this change and restart the intervalometer the sunrise time is shown in the dashboard so all looks like its going to work.

What is the correct procedure for stopping the Sunset element and starting the Sunrise element so that qDslrDashboard will control the camera successfully.
Here is last night's result. last useable image was at about 04:35

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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