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qDslrDashboard and DJI Ronin gimbals

Posted: 11 Mar 2021, 07:35
by MukSV

I am looking for the ability to remotely (over the network) control the 2-axis camera rotation and control the lens zoom. It seems to me that a good option is to use a DJI Ronin gimbal and a DIY controller based on Arduino. The Ronin has an S-Bus control port and there are many successful implementations of such control in the Internet. To connect the Arduino to the network, it is possible to use WiFi.
I don't really want to develop a separate application for controlling the camera rotation, it would be more convenient to convert the motion controller commands available in qDslrDashboard. The S-Bus and MoCoBus libraries for Arduino are available.

Is there more information on using the MoCoBus protocol in qDslrDashboard?