Best supported router for strong & reliable WiFi with ddserver or repeater or different setup?

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Best supported router for strong & reliable WiFi with ddserver or repeater or different setup?

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum and all the possibilities of ddserver and OpenWrt. For quite some time I've been using QdslrDashboard with an iPad Pro and my Nikon cameras using the internal wifi of the camera. The app is great and to me there's nothing out there to replace it.

While it's already been so much better than the official Nikon App I'm now looking to build a stronger setup to remotely control my camera from a distance and though a couple of walls. It doesn't have to be mobile so no need for a battery. Wifi range and reliability are more important to me than effort or cost. Sure I like to save some money but it's not a priority for this project. Thanks to Apple deleting the app from the AppStore I already had to buy an Android tablet and the app again just to use the latest version and connect my Z6II :roll:

Just yesterday I received a TP Link WR902AC to start with and successfully installed ddserver and got my Nikon Z7 connected. It works great and does exactly what I was looking for if just the wifi range was (a lot) better. I had planned to use the small 902AC with an old router or repeater to extend the range but can't get it to work (QdslrDashboard can't find ddserver when not directly connected).

Has anyone tested or heard anything about ddserver on a router like TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 or similar? Maybe some information if this could work? From what I could find online it should be easy to install OpenWrt on it but I'm not sure about the ddserver package. Can I use "DDSERVER OPENWRT AR71XX V0.2-13 PACKAGE"? I'm confused about the target, the router is listed as "ar71xx-ath79", does that mean it's compatible?

Another question is wether there is something I might be doing wrong extending my working WR902AC. Is there a way to configure the network port to forward the ddserver data over some kind of repeater? And does this have to be some special device or at least software (like OpenWrt) on it? Maybe a dedicated repeater like a "TP Link RE650"?

I'm open to any ideas and hoping to learn from your experience. Thanks :)
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