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LiveView not working on_D7100 on Samsung S7 via USB

Posted: 09 Jun 2021, 17:18
by Levee Lover
I connected my Nikon D7100 to a Samsung S7 tablet using the Nikon USB cable and a USB-C GTO cable. With camera set to M I turned on power and qDD connected to the camera. Tapping LiveLive the "button' flashed but didn't activate, a black screen, the LiveView "button" had blinked but didn't change color like other "buttons" in qDD.

Like others, I've found Nikon's WU-1a to be too unstable to connect wirelessly. I want to use a tablet to tether the camera in the field, not a laptop.

I have noticed that the Nikon USB cable uses an "8-pin mini USB" plug with only 5 contacts instead of 8. Does anyone know if a true 8-pin cable is needed for full function?

Any suggestions on how to get qDD working would be appreciated.