Video Playback Nikon D5300?

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Video Playback Nikon D5300?

Post by MalcomWilkinson »

Hi there y'all,

So I'm using the latest version of Dslr Dashboard and I was wondering if there was a way to to view the videos I shot using the app within the app? I'll hit the grey/white record button to do a small snipped, but I'm not sure where to go to view the video I just shot on the app. Any tips?

Also I was wanting to know if the resolution can be improved. Currently the resolution from on the tablet in Live View is fairly low and doesn't compare to the outputted video that the camera is capable of. Is this just an issue where the tablet is displaying what the LCD screen on the camera is capable of, but just scaled for the tablet's size?

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Re: Video Playback Nikon D5300?

Post by hubaiz »

The recorded movie is stored on the camera SD card. You can view the movie by downloading it.

The live view resolution depends on the camera and model. Mostly it is 640x480, on some newer models it is a bit higher.
On some of the Nikon models there is a property where you can select the live view resolution (it is under the live view categeroy)

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