Multiple M50 recording with time limit overriding

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Multiple M50 recording with time limit overriding

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Hello Everyone,
(edited for clarity)

I own three M50 cameras.
I'd like to be able to record long therapy sessions.
They have a time limit of 30mn.

I successfully connected the cameras to qdslrdashboard.
I have no Liveview but it's kind of okay.

I found a way to switch between camera by clicking on the settings menu, and on their names on bottom screen but I don't know if it's the best practice.
I can trigger recording, camera per camera.

My goal now is :
1) To be able to start recording videos for all 3 cameras at once. How can I do it?
2) To find a way to start recording with a shortcut or a big physical button.
3) To find how to set the recording automatically to 29mn and then make it start recording again. It's close to what seem to be done for timelapse but I am confused.

If necessary sound could be recorded in another way.


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