Canon EOS1500d wifi and deserves

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Canon EOS1500d wifi and deserves

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I have an eos1500d and idslrdashboard on my mac. I can connect to my network with the camera. However, connecting to the camera from the dashboard i get the messages:

09:10:24 Searching for Canon/Sony wireless camera
09:10:26 Found Canon Canon EOS 1500D wireless camera, connecting
09:10:28 Finished searching for Canon/Sony wireless camera

then nothing.

Now, my question is, is this because my camera in not supported, or is it because i don't have ddserver on my netgear r6120?
(don't particularly want to offline the router while openwrt is installed and configured because of work commitments)

i would love to get this connected to my pc as i need the access on pc for plate solving, something i cannot do from an app on my tablet

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