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Sony communication protocol

Posted: 03 Oct 2023, 10:24
by Mr_zelei-good
I've recently discovered qdalrdashboard and am quite excited at the prospect of shooting automated holygrail timelapses! Until I realised that newer Sony cameras don't work with USB connection and anything beyond mark ii sonys don't have the smart control app.
Would it make testing quicker if the developer had access to a newer camera, I've seen them post that they only have a Sony A6300. I'm sure there's enough Sony users to either:
A - all 'chip in' a small amount and get the developer a newer Sony for testing that they either keep or draw a winner from the contributors to get the camera after development orrrr
B - people send the developer the camera for a month at a time, I'm sure there's enough of us that could potentially do that

Thoughts, ideas?