Smooth ISO ramp-up on Holy-grail

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Smooth ISO ramp-up on Holy-grail

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When I use ISO ramp-up (with Canon EOS 750D), it goes, for example, from ISO800 to ISO1600.
The problem is that the difference of luminosity is too high between ISO800 and ISO1600. So, LRTimelpase fails to make a smooth transition.

I could solve that by performing the following manually:
- One exposure every 24 seconds
- When exposure time reaches 2 seconds, increase the ISO manually and change exposure time to 1 second.
- Repeat this until max ISO is reached.

That works perfectly well.
Do you think that could be done automatically in qDSLRDashboard?

If required, I can contribute to the project (I am a developer).

Thank you
Clear skies,
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