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by mopperle
08 Jul 2022, 14:33
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Topic: The app no longer works
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Re: The app no longer works

Android or iOS? Unfortunately the app is not available via Apples Appstore, thanks to Apple :x
by mopperle
21 Apr 2021, 18:41
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Topic: ControlMyCamera not installing
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Re: ControlMyCamera not installing

I think that Zoltan cant do anything here. Apple treats devs of every kind really like shit. I'm working for a big software company (3.3 billion USD revenue) and we have to wait sometimes for weaks till an update for an app that is used by our enterprise customers is being available in the appstore....
by mopperle
06 Apr 2021, 14:11
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Topic: ControyMyCamera iOS
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ControyMyCamera iOS

I cant update ControlMyCamera even under Testflight anymore. Says "App is not available or doesnt exist". Therfore I also can not run it anymore.
by mopperle
30 Dec 2019, 16:23
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Topic: eosr can’t take hloygrail shot
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Re: eosr can’t take hloygrail shot

Getting the same error on my EOS R (firmware 1.6.0) and qDDB 3.5.9 on Android. No problem on my EOS 6DMII.
So the R seems to be "special" in every way. ;)
by mopperle
29 Dec 2019, 15:07
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Topic: Some questions about Auto-NTC
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Some questions about Auto-NTC

As I could not find any documentation about this function: - What is the pupose of the buttons " - NTC 2.0 + "? - I managed to manually add locations on the GPS screen, but whenever I choose one of the locations and go back, the line NTC gets not updated. I found out, that when I press the...
by mopperle
29 Dec 2019, 14:40
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Topic: Canon Custom Modes (C1, C2...)
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Canon Custom Modes (C1, C2...)

Hi, Canon allows to strore various settings in "custome modes" (C1, C2..., depending on the camera model). This is very helpfull when using certain szenarios, like Timelapse, so that you can not forget certain settings. Unfortunately qDDB does not decognize those custome modes. Example und...
by mopperle
24 Mar 2016, 14:20
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Topic: New iOS version blows out !
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Re: New iOS version blows out !

Same here, also with ios 9.3