ControlMyCamera not installing

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ControlMyCamera not installing

Post by Piggey »

Hi, i use happily controlmycamera with my nikon 810 camera, but a few day agoI tried to instal a new version 1.0.4 (2.7), but.. it's impossible.
"app isn't available or doesn't exists"
it's the message that appears.
any (good) news?
Thanks for the help

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Re: ControlMyCamera not installing

Post by Cedric_posi »

Same here
I got an iphone 12 pro and set it up with a backup. Testflight and controlmycamera got transfered, but can‘t download controlmycamera, also doesn‘t appear in app stores buyed items

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Re: ControlMyCamera not installing

Post by Parker525 »

I wanted to reinstall the app to run the z6. As I did not know that there are serious issues with the app I was not able to install it again.
Is anyone going to fix this problem or do we need to look for another solution?

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Re: ControlMyCamera not installing

Post by honkycat696 »

same problem with qDslrDashboard

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Re: ControlMyCamera not installing

Post by Dominik13 »

I have the same problem. I have a new iPhone 12 Pro Max and imported the backup. now I can neither install qdslrdashboard not controlmycamera from the TestFlight app. have already written to the developers. You either don't get an answer or they say it's up to Apple. I paid € 11 for the app at the time and have not been able to use it for six months. I also have the feeling that the developers are not interested in solving the problem.

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Re: ControlMyCamera not installing

Post by mopperle »

I think that Zoltan cant do anything here. Apple treats devs of every kind really like shit. I'm working for a big software company (3.3 billion USD revenue) and we have to wait sometimes for weaks till an update for an app that is used by our enterprise customers is being available in the appstore.
IMHO only and best solution: Go and get a cheap Andorid tablet and you problems are gone. That's what I did meanwhile.

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