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Support for Custom (C) mode

Posted: 29 Feb 2016, 12:12
by steinardo
I tried saving my typical timelapse settings to the custom dial on my EOS camera. But trying to use this C mode in qDD did not work - it was requesting the M mode (even though the M setting was stored within the C mode).

Would it be possible to support C mode - as I typically have other settings during normal photography, it would be convenient to just dial to C for timelapse?

Re: Support for Custom (C) mode

Posted: 04 Mar 2016, 19:00
by hubaiz
I will try to add it, the 70D has a C settings so I can test it.

Re: Support for Custom (C) mode

Posted: 15 Apr 2019, 17:55
by rega
Hi Zoltan,
I've exactly the same request. It would be very convenient if QDDB would support Canon Custom mode as they are specifically done for storing a specific set of parameters, just when shooting time lapses.

best regards!