No Live View on Raspberry Pi 4

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Re: No Live View on Raspberry Pi 4

Post by jowe »

I'm having the same problem too. On my Windows 10 laptop (or even desktop) it works like a charme, on Raspberry there is no live view.
My camera is a (rather old) D300s which I use for astrophotography. I have always used a laptop but want to switch to a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB. The Pi stays at the telescope and I am warm inside with my laptop;-)
I hope there will be a solution soon.

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Re: No Live View on Raspberry Pi 4

Post by hubaiz »

Here is a debug build: ... sp=sharing
Just replace the qDslrDashboard executable with the one from the archive.
On each start a new qdd_<date_time>.log file will be saved to your Documents folder.
Please send the log file to the support email.

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Re: No Live View on Raspberry Pi 4

Post by kubo »

Any one has had any luck with this?
I'm attempting to run it no a Rasp Pi4b headless using VNC, but I get no liveview nor I can review the photos taken.
I've tried different Pis, a 3B and a 4. I've followed several suggestions on this forum, like installing different libs, and copying the QT drive files. So I'm guessing this is a problem with the VNC.
I've tried running the script with ./ VNC but I get an error too.

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