qDslrDashboard feature request, ideas
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Is there a tutorial on setting up qDslrDashboard on Raspberry Pi 3, Jessie or Stretch. They don't just run "out of the box" on a clean install. A working image with nothing but would be awesome.

I've tried to follow a few procedures here in a few threads, but I am currently stuck at (file not there)

Also Here is what I want to accomplish. Connect Camera via usb cable, push shutter button (take picture), have new photo show on rasberry pi's display, full screen. each new picture, new photo shown. For large format review, in a tethered shoot environment. Can do now with win 10, view nx, and camera control. But I would like to do so with a smaller amount of traveling hardware.

I am a total noob at raspberrian, and at playing with the pi. i've done one project so far, a dropbox based photo slideshow to use for an art installation. This will be a different live art display and review.

If I am wasting time with qDslrDashboard let me know please. Otherwise HELP!

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