Dslr Dashboard and Nikon

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Dslr Dashboard and Nikon

Post by mikehd70 » 11 Apr 2019, 04:29

not sure if there is any update on using App. and Nikon D500 but I get no joy I am trying on a Samsung S9+ latest OS
On the odd time it Connected first attempt to take a pic ,or do anything it crashes even tried USB cable with OE OTG
Still no joy.
Also Tried P900 Nikon 1 got a few happy moments on D300 So I guess App. not made to work on more modern cameras.
I had more luck with Snapbridge And anyone who has used it know that takes some doing.

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Re: Dslr Dashboard and Nikon

Post by nuke12 » 11 Apr 2019, 15:30

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Re: Dslr Dashboard and Nikon

Post by hubaiz » 11 Apr 2019, 17:57

For Android USB OTG connection please check the 'Use Android native USB access' option. Please try to disable and enable this settings. You should change this before you connect your camera with USB OTG.
For wireless connection with D500 please check this thread: https://dslrdashboard.info/phpBB3/viewt ... f=6&t=1947
and the information here: http://testcams.com/airnef/#SnapBridge
this video can also help: https://youtu.be/iioYoFqDnv0

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