Controlmycamera stops working

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Controlmycamera stops working

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i have the following problem.
I downloaded the ControlMyCamera app, installed it and got it connected to the WIFI of my new Nikon Z6.
And it works fine as long as the app is running. Once the iPhone is going into the "sleep mode" - meaning the screen will go into the locked mode and then become dark the app does no longer control the camera. In the previous version of qDslrDashboard under android it was still further controlled ng the camera - even the tablet was let alone and was just still connected.
Anyone the same problem?
Any solution?

I normally start the app and the let it just run in the background .- as I normally take with a second body normal pictures.

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Re: Controlmycamera stops working

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In ControlMyCamera settings enable the 'Keep screen on' option.

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