Problems with EOS1300D

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Problems with EOS1300D

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Hello I just installed your wonderful App qDslrDashboard

I use Windows 7 64 Bit
I use a EOS1300D
First of all I did successfully connect with WIFI
The qDslrDashboard App connects with my EOS 1300D when I go to LIVE VIEW then I get only a black screen.
When I take a pic. the pic does save on the Windows Folder ! But this all is useless because the Live View is not working

Then I thought connect it with USB
I installed with Zadig.2.4 the USB driver.

After that I did start the qDslrDashboard app and connected with the USB Connect button.
This time the Live view Works. But when I take a pic and he saves it on the windows folder, after that he stuck on the screen with the massage " capture in progress " I have to disconect the EOS 1300D and connect it again. Other wise I dont get out of this error screen

When I use the CANON local folder for saving the Pictures this problem does not show !

But I have no opportunity to find the EOS 1300D on my windows 7 system. Since the Zadig app installed the new USB drives the EOS 1300D does not show up.

So tell me please what exactly is not ok here ? I wanted to use your wonderful App and it does not work at all.

I can use it with USB Cable. but also not work. I have no opportunity to open the Folder where the Pics are stored on the EOS 1300D

Can you please tell me how I can solve this problem ?

I was going to buy a Nikon D5600 but when I see that issues on this software then I better dont do that !

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