Need help with a gift (Nikon DSLRs)

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Need help with a gift (Nikon DSLRs)

Post by parthshah »

My wife has a D3500 and about 8 lenses. I am looking to upgrade her to a better camera, still a Nikon. I know that some cameras are DX and some are FX, and this impacts which lenses they can use. If I want to get her a better base model (which I think is DX) that will still allow her to use all her current lenses, what Nikon models would I be looking at?

Additionally, if I take the memory card out of her current camera and put it in a new one, assuming its still Nikon, will she be able to scroll through her old pictures on the new camera without having to reformat the memory card or anything like that?

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Re: Need help with a gift (Nikon DSLRs)

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A little off topic but hopefully the admins would be OK with that.

Any D5xxx or D7xxx will be DX and work with your existing lenses and would be an upgrade: ... 333060-REG

Hopefully that compare link will work - if not you can find it

As for the card being read by the new camera - maybe / probably. But you really should be storing images on the card in the camera for review. They should be on your computer sot they can be backed up and shared. IMHO

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