Dynamic Perception NMX - Panorama?

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Dynamic Perception NMX - Panorama?

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Firstly, thank you for all the work that you have put in to this software. I have only discovered it tonight while researching the NMX controller, and I am impressed!

Now, for the feature request. I own a Dynamic Perception NMX controller and two Stage-R units. I would like to be able to program simple multi-row panoramas to be performed by this hardware. I don't think any fancy field of view/sensor size settings are necessary. What I would like to be able to do is enter the following parameters, and press go:

Exposure time (seconds)
Buffer time(seconds) (time after the exposure to allow the photo to be written to the memory card)
Delay(seconds) (time after movement, but before shutter release to allow the rig to stabilize)
Pan Step (degrees) (how many degrees to pan between shots)
Tilt Step (degrees) (how many degrees to tilt between rows)
Columns (how many photos to take before advancing to the next row)
Start position(top-left, bottom-left, top-right, bottom-right)

A sequence would look something like this:
First Exposure>Rotate panStep degrees>Delay buffer time>Next exposure...>Tilt tiltStep degrees>Delay buffer>Next exposure>Rotate negative panStep degrees (for zig zag pattern)>repeat until done

I'm curious if you have considered adding this functionality for the NMX controller. I've seen people ask for it from Dynamic Perception with no success. Since you already have the framework built in to the software, I figure you are my best bet. If this is something that you would consider working on, or already have in development, I would be more than happy to do in-field testing for you with my hardware.

Thanks for reading,

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