qdslrdashboard and the Nikon D3500 help please

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qdslrdashboard and the Nikon D3500 help please

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Hello! I have seen a couple different posts on here using qdslrdashboard to remote control the Nikon D3500. Unfortunately I have tried it on two different android phones and on windows and I cannot seem to get my camera detected. I click the usb connection and it time stamps and says searching for USB devices...and nothing happens. I know the cable is good for file transfer as I can connect the camera to my PC and view the storage.

What I have tried:

Android appon both a new samsung galaxy S9+ and an old Droid MAXX. App installed and using a USB OTG connector (The samsung uses USB type C if that matters). Both phones I enabled developer options and turned on USB Debugging and it wont connect. a thin of not the camera screen will flicker when I connect it to the phones.

Tried accessing via PC and downloaded the suggested driver. The camera will connect as a storage device but will not connect into qdslrdashboard.

Any help would be great, or if anyone knows of a different external remote option that is affordable that would be great. I don't need it wireless necessarily.

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