nikon D850 only transfer jpg format

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nikon D850 only transfer jpg format

Post by meerrettichen »

Hi all,

I am new here and amazed find this wireless tether tool to connect D850 to computer.
However, there is a issue regarding large RAW file transfer. I shoot jpg and raw at the same time. For laptop quick review, jpg is sufficient while the RAW is for later post processing.

The problem is Qdslr seems can only transfer all files not select jpg only and leave the raw in camera. Given the large size of raw file, the speed is pretty paining in the ass.

I wonder if there is a setting to realize it or develop an update to do so
thx guys


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Re: nikon D850 only transfer jpg format

Post by GonzoG »

If you set "image review after capture" in qDD settings, it will download only JPGs (if camera set to RAW+JPEG).
If you set qDD to save files to remote device, it will download both files.

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