Nikon D500

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Nikon D500

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Good evening,

I have some problems connecting my D500 with qdslr The main issue is, that I can't do any focus stacks with the software. The focus settings points and the points for the start and end-focus buttons are missing on the live view screen. Also, I can't change the focus mode on the camera, when the D500 is connected with wifi. Has anybody solved this issues?

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Re: Nikon D500

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It seems you’re encountering a couple of issues with qDslrDashboard and your Nikon D500. Let’s address them one by one:

Focus Stacking Issue The focus stacking feature in qDslrDashboard requires manual setting of the start and end focus points. Here’s a quick guide:

Set your camera to manual focus mode.
In the qDslrDashboard app, long-press the (1) or (2) buttons to set your start and end points while the camera is focused on the desired points.
Use the arrows in the app to fine-tune the focus if needed.
Start the capture sequence.
Remember, autofocus (AF) mode is not available for focus stacking in qDslrDashboard. The software will control the focus motor for you, but the lens and camera must have AF enabled.
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