DslrDashboardServer (ddserver)

DslrDashboardServer (ddserver) is a simple application that forwards the PTP packets over network (wired/wireless). It allows qDslrDashboard running on one device to control DSLR cameras connected with USB to another device (running ddserver) over network. It can be run on Linux machines or on devices with OpenWrt. The application allows multiple DSLR cameras connected with USB and multiple clients connections (one DSLR camera can be only controlled by one client).

DslrDashboardServer (ddserver) is an open source project and it is hosted at: https://github.com/hubaiz/DslrDashboardServer

The communication is done over 4757 TCP port. The server discovery is done over UDP

A typical use would be with a wireless router like the TP-Link MR3040 running OpenWrt and DslrDashboardServer. It is a cheap, small wireless router with a built in battery and USB port.

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