qDslrDashboard is a cross platform application for controlling Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras. It uses the PTP and PTP/IP protocol to communicate with the connected DSLR camera. Currently qDslrDashboard is available for Android, iOS, Linux, OSX and Windows platforms. The Linux, OSX and Windows version is free.

The application is written in C++ using the Qt Framework. It uses the OpenCV library for image processing, LibRaw library for RAW image processing and the libusb library for the USB communication.

qDslrDashboard supports multiple DSLR camera connection at once. The connection with the DSLR camera can be established with the following methods:

  • USB – DSLR camera connected with USB cable to your PC or Android device (on Android devices you must use an USB OTG adapter)
  • network – using DslrDashboardServer (ddserver) running on OpenWrt router or another instance of qDslrDashboard running on another device
  • wireless – with Nikon WU-1a/1b and Nikon built in wireless, Canon WFT and Sony mirror-less  cameras with built in wireless using the Playmemories ‘Smart remote control’ application

Some of the qDslrDashboard features:

  • change camera settings/properties
  • initiate capture
  • display live view (on DSLR cameras that support it)
  • start/stop movie recording (on DSLR cameras that support it)
  • BULB capture (on DSLR cameras that support it)
  • image browser for local images and images located on camera SD card
  • custom bracketing (in M and A mode)
  • focus stacking
  • Sky stacking helper
  • interval timer
  • LrTimelapse screen for helping time-lapse shooting
  • capture history
  • control the Dynamic Perception NMX motion controller

Note: qDslrDashboard is still under development and probably there are errors that needs to be fixed and functions that are not fully implemented.