V3.6.7 released

Released qDslrDashboard V3.6.7 for Android, Windows x64, Linux x64 and macOS x64.
– added Nikon Z9
– fixed errors reported by users
– worked on Sony USB connection. USB connection to Sony cameras should work now, shutter/ISO/aperture change is possible, live view should work and capture also. Unfortunately Sony does not provide any documentation for developers so development is slow. I only have the a6300 so now trying to get some newer model as the a6300 is very limited (only can capture to controlling device, can’t list the SD card, etc) Also currently the LRTimelapse screen is not working for Sony connected with USB, still need to figure out how to implement as Sony cameras only allow property value increment/decrement
– a new AppImage format is released for Linux, you should download it, then chmod +x it and after that you can execute it