qDslrDashboard V0.2.3

Released a new qDslrDashboard version V0.2.3

  • fixes for the Canon wireless communication
  • added a wakelock to Android when LRTimelapse is started (now it should work even if the screen goes off)
  • added focus points definition (works with Nikon and Canon – will see to make a tutorial)
  • changed the ‘Image viewer’ loading notification
  • added an option to disable image info download for images that are already on the camera SD card (you can still load them by pressing the ‘Refresh’ button in image gallery)
  • added a generic PTP class that should work with non Nikon and Canon DSLR that support PTP (I can’t test this as I only have a Nikon and Canon)
  • other small fixes

Files can be found on the Downloads page

In the upcoming days will also upload a new iOS version with these changes and also the ability to save images to ‘Photos’ – still working on it