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TP-Link MR3020 V3

Please note that the new TP-Link MR3020 V3 has a new CPU and it is not yet supported by the OpenWrt project ( ) and the firmware available here is not working with it.

Site and forum update

Updated the site and the forum to the latest version and also to secure https:// connection.

If you having problems with the forum display then do a hard refresh in your browser (CTRL+F5 in Windows)

qDslrDashboard V0.3.5 iOS

I’m aware of the problems on some of the iOS devices and working on a fix.

I made a test version that is tested in iTunes TestFlight.

I managed the fixed the 2 errors that where the crashing the application and if no other problem is reported I will submit the new version to Apple for review.


A user pointed me to the HAME MPR-A2 portable wireless router and after checking that OpenWrt works on it I ordered one from here:

After around 1 month it finally arrived.

The OpenWrt images (with ddserver) are here:

HAME MPR-A2 uImage

HAME MPR-A2 sysupgrade

You need both images, first the ‘uImage’ is flashed using the original HAME administration interface and after that using the OpenWrt administration interface the ‘sysupgrade’ image is flashed.

I wrote a small flashing instructions : HAME MPR-A2 flashing instructions

Here is an image compared to TP-Link MR3040 (V1)