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qDslrDashboard V0.1.6

Managed to recover from the HDD crash so here is the V0.1.6 with bugfixes.

  • more fixes to folder selection
  • fix for the Connection screen ‘Network’ and ‘Wireless’ button long press not working
  • added time selection dialog for BULB shooting (if 0:0.0 is entered it will run until the users cancels it)
  • moved the not much used LrTimelapse settings into a settings dialog
  • added a ‘Capture sample’ button to LrTimelapse screeen (only visible if the ‘Auto Holy Grail’ is not started
  • added a new method for changing shutter/ISO for Canon users.  It can be enabled in the new LrTimelapse settings dialog. Please Canon users test it . I had very good results with the 650D
  • some fixes for the image review working. qDD will prioritize JPG image review over RAW (probably will add a settings that can change this). RAW will be only displayed if the selected camera image format is set to RAW
  • some memory leak fixes in the image viewer
  • fix for a crash that occur while re-sizing the window when an image is displayed
  • added media playback controls
  • probably there are some more small fixes that I can’t remember

I also detected an error in the ddserver code that lead to connection break (USB and wireless to). I will publish later today or tomorrow a new MR3040 firmware and also a new method for updating the ddserver package on the MR3040 without flashing (this will only work if the MR3040 already has the V0.2-12 ddserver version)

Here are the files:

Android ARM: qDslrDashboard_V0.1.6_Android_Arm.apk

Windows x86:

Windows x64:

NOTE: Before starting qDslrDashboard please install the included vcredist_x86(x64).exe This need to be done only once after installation.

NOTE: For Windows XP i will later build a V0.1.6 as the current one will not work

Linux x86: qDslrDashboard_V0.1.6_Linux_x86.tar.gz

Linux x64: qDslrDashboard_V0.1.6_Linux_x64.tar.gz

NOTE: I now included the OpenCV, LibRaw and libusb libraries. If you need to change or use your own then delete them from the Qt_Libraries folder.

OSX x64: qDslrDashboard_V0.1.6_OSX_x64.dmg

qDslrDashboard V0.1.5

Released qDslrDashboard V0.1.5 for Windows, Linux, OSX and Android

This is mostly a bug fix release

  • fixed a memory leak in image download function
  • fixed D3300 not working
  • reworked the dialog system
  • added UI scaling slider
  • Android UI scaling detection should be better now
  • image review should work now after capture for capture initiated from qDD or camera
  • Android folder selection should work now
  • added reverse correction to LrTimelapse and some small fixes
  • upgraded to Qt 5.3.1
  • upgraded OpenCV to 2.4.9
  • other small stability fixes

The downloads can be found in the download section or here:

qDslrDashboard V0.1.5 Android arm

qDslrDashboard V0.1.5 Linux (32 bit)

qDslrDashboard V0.1.5 Linux (64 bit)

qDslrDashboard V0.1.5 OSX x64

qDslrDahboard V0.1.5 Windows x86

Note: for Windows and Linux delete the qDslrDashboard folder for the previous version.

qDslrDashboard V0.1.4_beta

Uploaded qDslrDashboard V0.1.4_beta


  • Canon 6D internal wifi works (including live view) – thanks to Gunther for testing
  • Nikon camera angle level for models that support it – will later see to add pitching and yawing display to for cameras that support it
  • Last capture display button (play button) on right side that will display the last captured image if there is one
  • some small fixes and layout changes to the LRTimelapse screen
  • when searching for USB and network devices if there is only one device the application will establish the connection automatically
  • small bug fixes